About Julie

I spent my young life sneaking into wardrobes hoping to make it to Narnia. Now that I’m a bit older, people think that’s sort of creepy, so I became a middle-grade author instead.

In all seriousness, every job I’ve had from my first work-study job as an editor in DePauw’s Writing Center to working the children’s section of a small independent bookstore to writing instructions for computer software involved writing. And I’ve been an obsessive reader since I fell in love with The Fantastic Mr. Fox in first grade. So when our relocation to Helsinki, Finland in 2010 meant that staying at home with our two young children made more sense than me trying to work, I picked up the proverbial pen. This time, instead of blog posts, overly-emo poems, and half-baked attempts at short stories, I wrote a novel. Less than a year later, I wrote another one.

In 2015, that novel got me into Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars. I learned so much and connected with a community of writers who have made a huge difference in my life. Although that manuscript didn’t land me an agent, the very next one did. I signed with the amazing Jennie Dunham of Dunham Lit in October of 2016 and look forward to seeing where our partnership takes us next!

Follow my adventures on my blogs, Terminal Verbosity, The Winged Pen, and From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, on Twitter, or on Facebook.