Writing Resources

I love coaching writers almost as much as I love to write my own stories, so I often blog about the writing process. Some of my favorites include:

On Writing Emotion 

Recently, one of my clients asked me for pointers on writing character emotion without falling into telling or cliché. As I wrote my answer, I realized it would make a great blog post because, let’s face it, writing emotion is hard. Here’s a technique I’ve come up with over the years that I hope you’ll find helpful.

The Seven Stages of Writerly Grief

What Hamilton Taught Me About Story

Hamilton is the biggest musical phenomenon of our generation. With multiple Tony awards, a Pulitzer, and tickets more coveted than the World Series or Super Bowl, Hamilton has captured America’s collective imagination. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is also a master storyteller. Here are a few things I’ve learned from obsessing over his words.

Preparing for NaNoWriMo – The Five-Line Outline by Julie Artz