#TeenPit 2019 Mentor

I’m pleased to return for a third year of mentoring #TeenPit, a writing mentorship program aimed specifically at writers ages 13-19. Working with teens is so different than working with my adult clients. Some have never received feedback on their writing, but all my mentees thus far have been filled with creativity and motivation, which makes it a joy to work with them.

Learn more about my amazing co-mentors and about how your teen can participate (hint: Applications are open April 5, 2019 only!) by checking out the #TeenPit web site.

I’m a Mentor Twice Over!

TeenPit a mentor program for teen writersPitch Wars - A mentor opportunity for writers



I’ve been lucky to have many mentors–teachers, friends, other writers–guide me on my writing journey. So I’m always delighted when I can give back to the writing community in some way. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that I will be a mentor for both TeenPit and Pitch Wars this year. I’m particularly thrilled about TeenPit because helping kids goes right back to the heart of why I write in the first place. Best of luck to everyone who enters these two amazing contests–I can’t wait to meet my mentees and give them the same love and support that I have received over the years.