QUEST FOR THE KALEVALA Selected for PitchSlam

I’m thrilled that my middle-grade fantasy, QUEST FOR THE KALEVALA, was selected to participate in April’s #PitchSlam contest. In addition to the outpouring of support from the writing community, I got expert feedback on my first page. Thanks to that feedback and yet another round of revision, the critical first page of my story has the high polish it needs.

Thank you to everyone who made this contest possible! Your dedication to paying it back to the writing community is much appreciated!

2015 Children’s Literature Conference

One of the great things about our recent repatriation is the wealth of conferences, festivals, and other book- and writing-related events available in the Western Washington region. So I was thrilled to attend Western Washington University’s 2015 Children’s Literature Festival in Bellingham, Washington in February.

I shared some moments of inspiration in my Love-Letter to Children’s Books over on From the Mixed-Up Files.

Finding Gib chosen for #PitchSlam

I’m so pleased, amazed, and proud to announce that my middle-grade novel Finding Gib was chosen as one of the forty finalists in #PitchSlam, an agent-pitching contest that took place this month. Take a look at my #PitchSlam entry or those of my wonderful Crimson Ink teammates. Thank you so much to the organizers of this amazing contest and to the slush readers whose feedback was so, so helpful!